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"Stories of the forest"


This work of mine consists of a book of a few pages made with the paper cut technique. Each illustration is made up of small pieces of paper cut out and assembled.


This short story shows us the adventures of a young raven-girl.


The girl after getting lost in the woods comes across a terrible monster.


Thinking she was doomed, the girl turned to the moon, her old friend, asking for help.

The moon hearing the prayer of her dear friend decided to send a brave warrior to her aid.


The young wolf-warrior arrived and faced the threat. But the monster was really hard to defeat.


Finally the warrior was able to defeat the creature, but the creature tried to drag him into the abyss.

The raven-girl then seeing her friend in difficulty found her courage and spreading her wings flew to save him.


Then the two holding hands found the road that led out of the woods.

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