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The purpose of this work was to tell the relationship between a boy and his monster: panic. But what face does panic have? According to the psychoanalyst James Hillman the ancient ancestral divinities were the physical manifestation of fears, desires, deep impulses of the psyche. Carl Jung theorizes the existence of twelve fundamental archetypes. They are the primary forms of the experiences lived by humanity in the development of consciousness. Pure forms shared by every man on Earth, sedimented in the collective unconscious of any people, which manifest themselves as symbols, and which not only pre-exist the individual psyche, but organize it. Inspired by these theroies and Native American culture, I have developed some hybrid characters, man-animal, who embody the various parts of the psyche of the protagonist of the story, including panic. Panic is not an enemy, but an alarm bell. It comes from ourselves and gives a voice to that deep and pure part of ourselves that we ignore.

- Nel Mondo di A- 
Character analysis

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