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I participated in the “Legendary Creatures” call because I've always been very fond of folklore and mythology and the competition's theme was to redesign, according to the own style, some creatures belonging to Trentino’s popular legends.
The subjects are:
- "The green man", a kind of peaceful and benevolent guardian of the forest, ranked first in the category "Best design" by vote of the jury.
- “The bregostana”, a witch half woman and half animal which is said to kidnap children who linger too long on the path, candidate in the “bregostana” category.
- “The beatrik”, a hell hunter who rides through the woods at night in search of prey, candidate in the category "Beatrik".

 “My - thological Creatures of Trentino”

cv english copia3_edited_edited.jpg
cv english copia2_edited.jpg
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