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This project was born from the rather unusual request to design a calendar entirely dedicated to the history of printing.
I didn't want to make a simple list of drawings regarding technical innovations, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell the incredible impact that printing has had in the birth of the society as we know it.
So I also dedicated several drawings to fiction, to the theme of education, to the birth of newspapers and so on.
Certainly, historical research was also important, in order to include fundamental characters such as Gutenberg, Bodoni, Mergenthaler and many others.
I wanted to play with the font variations, in order to give a different characterization to each era and historical context, and consequently to each month. The colors used were also specially chosen by taking up the four basic colors of the print, which also appear in the logo of the company that commissioned the work.
Finally, I assigned a quote to each illustration.

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