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                 In this project I’ve designed a calendar for children                   aged five to ten.
              Twelve illustrations, one for each month.
                       I tried to think about the overall project of the                                  calendar, as if it were the story of a                dreamed year.    
            I have always regarded the months and seasons as   endowed with  personality: some look like old grumblers, others are   capricious as indecisive kids, some are delicate and sunny, others   are sad and a little gloomy.            
I asked myself: “If I had to represent them, what appearance  would   they have? And what age? " As they are all related to each other, I   have thought of this calendar as a journey within a big and bizarre   family, where every month comes to life, becoming now a   grandfather,  now an aunt, a cousin, a mother or a dad. Leading us   will be Luna and Samson, the youngest members of all the   relatives, two twins who, with a rhyme, will show us from time to   time the components of this bizarre gang.

Illustrated Calendar
"The Family of the year"

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